Lazy Corn Stew with Sun Gold Tomatoes

25 07 2009
Tomato Stew

Tomato Stew

The hardest part of this recipe labeled “Lazy” was figuring out what they intended by having us “milk” the corn.  The instructions literally read something like “cut 2/3rds of the kernels off the corn and then flip your knife over and scrape the milk out of the corn.”  My first problem with these directions was I thought it said only cut off the top 1/3rd of the kernels.  You ever try to control how much of the kernels you cut off of the cob? Not easy! The second challenge was I thought they just wanted me to use the corn milk and not the kernels so I was being WAY more careful than I needed to be about mixing the “milk” and the corn together! Oh well. 

Anyway this one is toted as easy and good warm, room temperature, or cold.  I can vouch for the first two! The stew was nice and chunky but had a light flavor overall.  We didn’t have yellow Taxi tomatoes so we just used normal red ones for the base but we were able to find the Sun Gold tomatoes for the top! (They are the little orange ones cut in half in the picture). Other than that the only thing I changed from this recipe was adding some left over heirloom tomatoes from last week and a small bit of purslane which actually added a nice zing to the stew. So a nice summer stew of purple scallions, summer squash, tomatoes, corn and corn milk, purple basil, and Sun Gold tomatoes that really added rounded out the whole stew. Oh and the directions are basically layer things in the pot and cook for 15 minutes!




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