Banana Pudding Parfait

28 06 2009
Parfait or Just Puddin'?

Parfait or Just Puddin'?

One woman’s joke turns into 8 people’s delight!  A friend of mine, turned guest sous chef for this one, has a running joke with another friend of ours about my cooking.  The guest sous chef’s goal was to make the other friend jealous by convincing her that I was cooking for the guest sous chef.  Her idea? Take pictures of meals from magazines and send them off as if I had cooked a 14 course meal.   Great plan, until….
We came across this recipe and went: OH! That looks good. Let’s make it. OK. And so we really were cooking….
So makin’ puddin’ from scratch? Not to bad but we didn’t fully succeed at it. Not like the picture at least.  It tasted great but it didn’t thicken quite right. Not bad at all just not as thick as it should have been.  So what you can’t see in the picture is the layers of vanilla wafers and bananas between the pudding layer.  So it goes!
The original artwork and recipe!

The original artwork and recipe!




2 responses

30 06 2009

i didn’t look at the recipe, but it looks like they let the pudding fully solidify in the fridge and THEN put it in the parfait.

25 08 2009

I love making my own pudding!

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