Carrot Top Soup: 2 States Worth!

21 06 2009
Carrot Top Soup Close Up

Carrot Top Soup Close Up

One of the things that have come out of buying veggies from the market is the left over greens and tops and such we have with fresh vegetables.  Greens on radishes and stuff usually can be put into salads and things like that.  The one thing I had no obvious idea what to do with was carrot tops. And there are alot of them when you buy carrots.  So a few internet searches later I found some recipes for carrot top soup and low and behold my cook book also had one.

Turns out carrot tops taste like …. carrots more or less.  The soup is pretty simple and quick. Diced onions or leeks, diced carrots, salt, pepper, broth, uncooked rice, and carrot tops. All you do sautee everything in some oil or butter for a few minutes and then add the broth and cook for 20 minutes or until the rice is done.

The soup was nice and light as expected. Went great with some herbed bread with margarine on it.  The bread soaked up the broth of the soup which was quite flavorful with a hint of carrots.


I am currently visiting my family who lives in a totally different state as myself at this moment and my dad pulled some carrots out of his garden for dinner.  I told him he should make carrot top soup.  The next thing I know I got the tops and then they let me use the carrots. Then my dad pulled a leak and 2 onions his garden to round it out.  We already were making dinner for the night but we made carrot top soup anyway! I didn’t use any dill this time, upped the amount of rice, and used chicken stock instead of veggies stock.

Still damn good. I’ll post photos when I get back home where they are at.

Carrot top after the leafy parts were striped for the soup!

Carrot top after the leafy parts were striped for the soup!



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