Sweet And Sour Farmer Market Veggies with Chinese Egg Noodles

14 06 2009
This picture doesn't do the taste justice...

This picture doesn't do the taste justice...

This is a special meal in so many ways. Not only was it on the day of the great apartment-flood plumbing drama so I was so beat but we also had a special guest chef attending! So instead of the normal 2 cook staff we had three and let me tell you it was a blast! This is a meal that was inspired by my lack of inspiration. With all the plumbing drama going on that day I just couldn’t hear the farmers market call to any one dish to make so instead I just bought a big pile of veggies. I mean really big.  Kind of like I may have bought to many.  So I was sitting trying to figure out what to do and stir-fry was screaming at me but I didn’t feel like a soy sauce based type stir-fry. So I threw it back…

To about a week before when on a whim I decided I wanted to do a sweet and sour sauce instead. I had bought / checked that I had all the pieces for it the week before but for some reason never got around to making it.  I had some tempeh in the fridge and we decided we wanted noodles instead of rice.  A short shopping trip later I was ready!

With the sous chef and the guest chef we were off! Lets see this is the boring part where I talk about we chopped up the veggies we used and I forget one or two of them. So lets go… we chopped zucchini, kohlrabi, bok choy, sugar snap peas, scallions, and lets not forget the carrots! The guest chef chopped them up Thai style! They were by far the prettiest of the veggies we had.  After that the guest chef was in charge of the tempeh, I took the veggies, and the sous chef was on noodle patrol. 

The tempeh was diced into large cubets and fried in a separate frying pan.  Than half of the home made sweet and sour sauce (from this recipe) was poured over it and reduced to a nice glaze.  The veggies took a similar route only when the sauce went on the pile of pineapple also went in.  Eventually it was all thrown together and served on the noodles the sous chef had boiled to near perfection. 

Dinner turned out great this night! Sadly for me, I was in one of my “I cooked to much and now I am not hungry” modes so I didn’t eat much but the taste was delicious! Both the sous chef and especially the guest chef were happy to take some home for left overs.  The noodles didn’t disappoint over rice this time.  Yum yum yum.



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