Boiled Peanuts

7 06 2009
Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts - Note the raw peanut for comparision

Addiction city I’m back!

My first experience with boiled peanuts was a huge let down. Actually it was down right off putting. My uncle raved for two days solid as we drove south towards the sun about wanting to find some boiled peanuts. Eventually a sign appeared and we pulled off. Low and behold the mecca: a boiled peanut stand! A few dollars later my uncle was in heaven and I swear I had wet, soggy peanuts that were BLUE! Slippery and slimy to my teenage self they were NOTHING worth even talking about; much less for two days solid.

Fast forward 10 years or so and I was on my way to live and work on the East Coast when a boiled peanut stand presented itself once again. Being the equal opportunity person I am I gave them a second chance and fell in love. Ever since then anytime I can find them I get them.  So this posting is dedicated to my uncle: I still don’t know why they were blue but at least now I understand it WAS worth talking about for two days. Oh and hi Uncle Joe!

Since I moved to the Pacific Northwest I have only found them here once in an asian grocery store. Go figure.  But this morning I was at the farmers market and one of the booths was selling peanuts.  After a quick check on pocket internet to make sure my memory was correct about the simplicity of a boiled peanut recipe I bought myself a pound of unsalted organic locally grown peanuts.  Boo-yah!

I didn’t use any one specific web recipe but I filled a pot with water and threw in a 1/2 cup of salt. Once it got boiled in went the peanuts.  I put a plate one top of them to hold them in the water and then they got covered and simmered for about 2.5 hours.  They still weren’t quite done when we had to leave the house for 3 more hours so I left them on the burner and turned it off.  When we got back they were pretty darn close to done but a little to salty because of the 3 hour sit in their own brine. I washed them off with cold fresh water and let a bit of salt stepp back out of them and presto: Boiled Peanuts!

I didn’t experience any of the nasty smell my cousins used to talk about when my uncle would make them but the taste was all there.  Hell yeah!

ps – I have 3 more posts from this weekend to do but this is the one that makes it up the day I did it. That says something about my addiction to boiled peanuts.  Sorry world.




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9 06 2009

I should eat some more of these next time. I think I ate ONE.

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