Beef and Scape Inspired Stir Fry

6 06 2009
Its really green.

Its really green.

This dinner was the dinner that was left behind.  I had intended to cook it all week but because of the heat and other “considerations” I didn’t get around to it until Saturday night. Officially about 15 hours before I was to return to the farmers market for more veggies. 

So what is it? We have in no particular order:

– Leek Scapes
– 2 kinds of Garlic Scapes
– Carrots
– Snow Peas
– Rainbow Chard

The sous chef and I just diced everything up and stir-fried it all in olive oil.  The leek scapes are the thick ones like asparagus while the garlic scapes are the green bean sized pieces and the bulbous heads in the picture.  The leeks had big heads like that too but there are none in that picture.

The beef was thinly sliced and stir-fried in some Thai soy sauce, low sodium soy sauce, and a splash of fish sauce.

The beef had a great light flavor to it that complimented the plumage of green veggies very well. The biggest surprise of the night were the garlic scape bulbs which either did nothing in your mouth or exploded with supreme intense garlic flavor that took at least 20 minutes to go away.  Talking about a ticking time bomb.  I think next time I would cut them in half or even quarters because of this.




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12 06 2009
CN Heidelberg

What is a scape?

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