Roasted Cauliflower with Cumin (Mostly)

26 05 2009


There isn’t to much to this one. I had two heads of cauliflower from the farmers market and I can across this “recipe“.  I wasn’t planning on using it tonight but when I ran out of canned tomatoes for the main adventure I decided to double fist the cauliflower and pork chop cooking at make this.  I rubbed some olive oil on a cookie sheet, cut of the cauliflower, and sprinkled it with cumin mostly and then some Russian Spice Company Pilaf Blend I got at the farmers market to fill in for my lack of plentiful cumin.  Then it went into a 425 degree over for about 25 minutes and poof done!

I only tried a bit of it but it was crisp and did have more flavor to the cauliflower proper this way than I expected. I’d like to try to bake cauliflower again some time but perhaps with a bit more planning and a meal to surround it.




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26 05 2009
Mint Julep Glazed Pork Chops served with Baked Cauliflower in Tomato Sauce an « Where energy and creativity meet

[…] store so I could downsize to one head of lettuce and still be ok.  So I did.  The other head got baked with cumin instead. Anyway I digress. […]

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