21 05 2009
Sushi: Homemade

Sushi: Homemade

I decided I wanted something light. I had sushi rice, nori, and at least one can of crab meat at my place so it seemed like a nice light option for the night.  The sous chef and I had tentative plans with another friend that evening so after a few phone calls, text messages, facebook chats, and messages we had a plan.  I picked up some wasabi, a cucumber, more nori, an avocado and 3 more cans of crab meat! (They were like $2 off each!!!).  And off I went.

I made the sushi rice in the rice cooker and then mixed in the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt in proportions I got from a website that I can not re-find right now.  I let that cool as I prepped the rest of the ingredients.  I drained one can of crab meat and mixed it with 1.5 tablespoons or so of mayo. Just enough to moisten it and hold it together.  The only other prep I really had to do was slice the cucumber into strips.  Tedious but straight forward.

Assembly time! Due to a dietary constraint of my friend I also brough some smoked salmon I had at my place from the market.  So in the end I assembled 3 rolls:

1) California Roll – Rice on the outside, a line of crab, a line of wasabi, and a line of avocado.

2) Avocado Roll – Nori on the outside, rice, and avocado

3) The Other Roll – A line of smoked salmon, some crab, and cucumbers. Nori on the outside.

The Avocado Roll and The Other Roll were easy to slice with a nice sharp knife but the cali roll with the rice on the outside presented some problems for me.  I got it but it sure doesn’t look pretty.

In the end they all tasted good and yummy. Unfortuntely, by the time I got around to eating them it was late and I wasn’t hungry but the left overs have been yummy. Also, my friend was done eating her two rolls before I was done photographing!!! She was making fun of me but it was worth it. And now to sign off with a photo:

Sushi: The Spread

Sushi: The Spread (The Other Roll, The California Roll, Avocado Roll - Left to Right)




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