Radish Butter for Radish Sandwiches

12 05 2009
Radish Butter Proper

Radish Butter Proper

Simple. Different. And interesting. Radishes are abundant at the market right now so I picked up a bunch of French Breakfast Radishes for this simple recipe I found in the farmer’s market cookbook.  I had no idea what to expect but after I had a bite I realized what I should have realized earlier: I love buttered bread and the crunch of radishes…DUH this will be good!

The big surprise of this was that I found and used goat milk butter. As I am allergic to cow dairy I try to avoid it in any form. However, reading over this recipe I just had this feeling margarine wasn’t going to cut it this time so I was just going to prep the mean with some antacids and call it good. But the grocery store had a different plan for me: goat milk butter. I found it in my local grocery store while I was looking for a cheaper unsalted butter so I paid more for this one. Ironic.

Prep was pretty simple of slicing the radishes into little strips; nothing but a bit time consuming.  The recipe also calls for about 12 of the leaves to be chopped up and used to. I’m down with that. And a bit of lemon zest to round it off.  I prepped all that and measured my 4 tablespoons of goat milk butter and worked it into softness in a bowl. So far so good. I put in the zest, radishes, and the greens all at one time.  The recipe doesn’t really seem to denote if it intended them all at once or what. So I went the easy way.

Almost immediately the leaves and the butter “clumped” together and the radish pieces just rolled around the butter/herb balls.  Clearly the fork wasn’t cutting it as a mixing utensil so in went in my washed hands. I kneaded it for a bit and it seemed to get better but not really that much better.  So I left it.  The butter and herb can be spread onto the bread and the radishes sort of pushed into it.  The other part of that is that the 4 tablespoons seemed a bit short for how I was reading the recipe. That is possibly due to my projection of how much butter I put on bread normally versus what most normal people spread around.

We tested a bite of it and it seemed good. The real test though will be when and entire sandwich is created and consumed. We will let you know how that goes!

Radish Butter Taste Test

Radish Butter Taste Test




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