Mizuna Chicken: Lite and Diced

28 04 2009
Mizuna Chicken: Redux

Mizuna Chicken: Redux

Chicken and Mizuna meet again in this dish.  So this week at the farmers market I decided to pick up another bundle of mizuna and stir-fry it with some chicken I had precooked and frozen last week.  This time though I decided not to go with the recipe from the farmer and sort of strike out on my own. 

Lets start with the rice, which is long-grain brown.  Which the sous chef actually liked (as she doesn’t like short grain brown rice).  Any who I figured out the secret to it in my roommates rice cooker: more than double the ratio of water to rice than what I was doing. Oops! I was doing 1:1 but it turned out it needed to be a bit more like 2:1.  So it turned out much better this time around.

As for the chicken I made it simple. The chicken was already cooked and cubed and thawed so I heated it up in some olive oil in the wok.  While it was heating up I put in maybe 2 tablespoons of of Mural of Spice which is a a spice mixture from Penzey’s Spice that my mom bought me last Christmas. I kept it all moving until the chicken was warmed through and then added in one bunch of mizuna that was chopped this time.  Heated that until it was wilted and served over the rice.

Chopping up the mizuna made it a lot more managable and yummy to eat. The sous chef and I both added a bit of soy sauce to the rice because the chicken was basically dry spiced. Overall it was good and very quick to make. I look forward to the left overs.




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30 04 2009

i think it is better the second time around!!

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