Mango Friggin’ Licorice!!!! Really.

25 04 2009
Mango Licorice

Mango Licorice

Behold. Amazing.  So we RANDOMLY ended up at Big John’s PFI (Pacific Foods Imports) on an adventure we were having today.  This is my second time to PFI and I expect the pasta, MAJOR bulk herbs, olives, cheese, etc.  I don’t count on the candy.  However, I saw Mango Licorice and was starring.  I looked around and they only had ACTUAL licorice flavor and Mango. Strange but ok.  Well I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it but then the PA rang out and the PFI was closing…actually come to think of it the “PA” was just a guy yelling that is what made it personal and bone chilling.  Actually just like ok.  So I still hadn’t decided when I saw it was Australia’s favorite. Well with my planned trip there I found my reason to make a decision and bring it home.

Wow.  Normally licorice and/or candy is hinted with flavored more than flavor. Not this stuff.  Its the real deal.  I mean it is still candy but one bite ok, a second later you are like MANGO!!!!!!!!!!! The sous chef and I both audible went “Ohhh” when it hit.  So if you can find some and like mango. DO IT!



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27 04 2009
CN Heidelberg


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