“Veggies I Got Laying Around” Stir-Fry with a Roasted Red Pepper Coconut Milk Sauce. Mostly. I Think.

22 04 2009
See! Yummy stirfry... on the fly.

See! Yummy stirfry... on the fly.

A Tuesday night. It was still light out and I was tired. No food in hand, no recipe and ingredients in sight but a small twinge of effort laying around in my body.  So out into the kitchen I pulled myself looking through my freezer, refrigerator, and pantry hoping I’d find that holy grail of a meal that would cook itself for me that night.  Not even a meal was I looking for but rather just something that I was ok with eating and would keep me alive.  Its been a week since that fateful night and for reason that are beyond comprehension of the mortal I have been kept from posting about the journey.  But through those same   reasons it is very likely I have forgotten the full story of this adventure.  I can only hope that my memory is accurate but if not truth than let this be legend.  A legend that no one can confirm nor deny.  A legend that will outlive all who read it today.  A legend that will be forgotten until I am long gone and someone finds a scrap of internet that points them to here. Where the legend started but it to will be gone and only oral memories will remain. And grow. Forever.

It started simple.  A bag of frozen garlic tops from the land of Uwijamaya.  The garlic tops were bound for a bowl and the microwave when something saved them.  A frozen bag of corn found its way out of the freezerland.  4 leftover carrots were found in refrigerator land along with a shriveling left over green pepper.  A pepper that was bound for another adventure that was left behind when the adventure fell through due to a change in conditions.  These vegetables were lonely travelers on either a road of forgotten or a road of decay.  Where these two roads meet stood a jar of coconut milk. A jar filled to the brim with 95% of a can of coconut milk. Waiting for the correct travelers to find their way to the intersection.  To join everything together.  And on the much smaller road from pantryland an unopened jar of Roasted Red Pepper Paste was traveling too.  Destined for an intersection of fate. And on that fateful day the clouds gathered above this intersection and rain was eminent. No one knew what would fall from the sky that day but when the galangal started to sprinkle from above everyone bowed down and simmered for a moment.

* * *

The carrots and green pepper were sliced into coins and strips respectively.  Those were thrown into a wok with some olive oil and sauteed till tender.  I poured in the frozen vegetables and let those go till they were mostly thawed.  At this point the sauce was interesting because I had the leftover coconuts milk and a jar of Roasted Red Pepper Paste to go on. I poured the whole jar of coconut milk into it. Added 3 tablespoons of the roasted red pepper paste into it. Something said it needed more so I threw in a tablespoon or so of mashed ginger and than maybe a teaspoon of galangal.  Let it simmer for a while till it reduced to a thicker sauce and served over brown long grain rice.

For an impromptu meal that was based on what I had around it turned out really well.  The first night I made it I didn’t eat much and the brown rice was a bit crunchy.  I think I need to work on getting my roommate’s rice cooker to do a better job.  We just had round two tonight after a 5 day stink in the freezer and it was good.  I wouldn’t call it a smashing success but it is yummy. Overall I think the coconut milk base needed more flavoring.  It would have done better either with no coconut milk or more flavor paste/spice in the coconut milk.  So it goes. Next time.



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23 04 2009


23 04 2009

Boring entries need a little spicing up… so why not use creative non-fiction. Plus I was really sleepy, didn’t have much to say, and was loopy. :) A food blog don’t need to be just no food blog… creative writing too!

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