Spring Green Salad starring Miners Lettuce, Napa Cabage Raab, Dandelion Greens, and Grated Kohlrabi

13 04 2009
Spring Green Salad

Spring Green Salad

Its obviously spring a the farmers market as greens are everywhere.  Here is a season that is diametrically opposed to my normal habits/likings.  I love spring the season for the sun, warmth, and break from the rain but when it comes to greens I’m not the biggest fan.  But honestly I haven’t given it a fair shake yet to receive my love.

So today is a step in that direction.  We decided to make a salad out of new greens for us.  At first I had planned to serve this with a specific meal this week but after doing some menu planning after I got home from the market I decided to make the salad today and serve it all week in small portions to myself and the sous chef.

So what did I end up with for my spring green salad today.  First off, the napa cabbage raab.  From what I understand raab is the growth from the winter starts to send out its seed sprouts. They get cut are tender. The booth where I bought them from had about 5 different types of raab.  But of course I went with the one with the yellow edible flowers for my salad.

Napa Cabbage Raab Flower

Napa Cabbage Raab Flower

To round that out I got dandelion greens and miners lettuce.  A green that looked more like a lily pads  than lettuce.  Turns out miners lettuce is named for the gold miners in California who ate it to ward off scurvy because of its high vitamin c content.

Miner's Lettuce

Miner's Lettuce

I also found kohlrabi at one of my favorite booths and bought two small ones for the salad.  We grated most of the kohlrabi but left a few large slices to garnish the sides of the dish with.  I also thew some walnuts and goat cheese I had sitting around on top of the salad and served it with the homemade apple cider vingerette that I had left over from a previous adventure.

Overall the salad was good. I liked it but I couldn’t eat the whole bowl of it. The goat cheese helped balance the bitter dandelion greens. Hopefully, over the course of the week I’ll eat more with eat sitting.  The sous chef however LOVED the salad. Just another example of my tenuous relationship with greens that I am trying to mend.  One green at a time.




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13 04 2009
CN Heidelberg


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