Lady Fern Fiddleheads: Freezer Time

13 04 2009
Lady Fern Fiddleheads - Preclean

Lady Fern Fiddleheads - Preclean

Part of me was hoping that the season would be over so I could quit.  But there they were again.  This time though they looked a bit different at first glance.  They were much cleaner, no long stalks (just fiddleheads), and smaller it seemed like. I also noted that they said “Lady Fern Fiddleheads.” I personally don’t remember the Lady Fern notation last time but when I asked the man at the booth he mostly confirmed they were from a different batch.  After doing some Internet research the other likely candidate is the Ostrich Fern for fiddleheads.  At different time today while working with these guys I thought the first two batches were Ostrich while these were Lady Ferns and vice versa.  All in all I’m not sure so if anyone saw the old pictures and sees these and knows… please tell.

So week 3.  I already have plans for dinner involving greens from last weekends market so I decided to freeze them for future use. I bought about 2/3 of a lb, cleaned them, cut the ends off, and blanched them for two minutes before I threw them in the freezer.



And in all this the sous chef was never asked to help! The cleaning either was easier because they were not as dirty or I was being less picky about how clean they were. Probably both though. Overall they definitely were more fragile than the past two batches which lends me to think the other ones were Ostrich but they could have just been a bit more mature specimens.

Time out for a corn bread batter question from the sous chef. Ok done with that.  That is all there is to report on this front for today.  I will leave you with the smallest “cute” fiddlehead fern I found today and shared with the sous chef. Who loved this one. And only this one.

The "Cutest" Fiddlehad Ever!

The "Cutest" Fiddlehead Ever!




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15 04 2010
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