Fiddlehead Ferns: Redux!

6 04 2009
Fiddleheads Round 2: With Bacon

Fiddleheads Round 2: With Bacon

Everything is better with bacon. Right? So with the season so short (admittedly I haven’t checked the length here in the pacific northwest yet with the harvesters) I had to give the fiddleheads one more home-cooked shot.  And I got other folks involved in the eating and cleaning them but unfortunately for our portion the sous chef got stuck with doing all the washing because I was working on the rest of the dinner.

This time I decided to change a few things up:

  1. Blanched before sauteing – I boiled them for about a minute before I threw them into the frying pan
  2. Fried in a bit of bacon grease instead of olive oil
  3. Tossed with browned butter and bacon chunks before serving

My review? Much better. First off the blanching helped to take away the bitterness and made them a bit more tender.   Both good attributes to acquire for a food item.  Secondly, the bacon, grease, and browned butter added a bit more flavor to work with.  It didn’t come off as the fiddleheads being an just a carrier for bacon but it also wasn’t like the bacon didn’t add anything.  I still couldn’t tell you what they taste like exactly but I can saw with some blanching, browned butter, and bacon chunks they were quite tasty.  Still not sure if they are worth all the hassle of cleaning them just yet but at the risk of the sous chef being mad: next season I will give them another go.  But this is probably it for this season if the 2-week thing holds unless it is a month or two season.  I need a week off from cooking and cleaning them too :)

ps – Its more of web suggestion than a recipe.  I saw a post somewhere that said someone cooked them with brown butter and bacon and it was good. No recipe was really attached and in fact I had to look up what browned butter was and how to make it. Turned out it is butter that is melted and cooked in a pot on low heat till the solids turn brown.  Who knew. I had to borrow some butter from my roommate to do it on short notice.

Fiddleheads Round 2: Prep

Fiddleheads Round 2: Prep




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