Bitchin’ Borscht

2 04 2009
Bitchin' Borscht - Farmer's Market Style

Bitchin' Borscht - Farmer's Market Style

This one comes to us from our lovely “friends” over at the Rat City Roller Girls cookbook! (Parenthesis necessary as I don’t know a one of them in real or even fake life!)  So farmer’s market style? Pretty much means I substituted a rutabaga for a celeriac and then used sorrel instead of parsley.  Let her boil for 1.5 hours and it was good.  Some toast and butter and yum yum! When the faux sour cream was stirred in it turned pink as promised.  The real rest of the borscht is how the left overs do.

I wasn’t very hungry when I got done cooking so I just picked at it. Hopefully, over the next few days I’ll give it more of a fair shot in the “I want to eat more of it” way.  It tasted good but we will see if it gets craving status.  I’m happy to say I don’t hate my first beet soup! (Or really beat recipe of any kind).

ps – I totally stopped at Goodwill on the way home to work to buy a white bowl with a rim!! Just for taking pictures of soup in to post.  This was the best I could do.




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