Market Update!

30 03 2009

Its been 3 weeks since I’ve been to the market I think and boy is it obvious the season is changing! 2 weekends ago I was in San Jose, CA and last weekend I wasn’t ready for more perrisble food.  But 3 weeks ago it was clearly still winter season/market life. I went this week thinking Borscht would be perfect…if I could find all the parts. But honestly I didn’t think it would be a problem. Beets, celery root, potatoes, and carrots mostly. All things that were quite prolific at the market 3 weeks ago!

Normally what I would have noticed about the market was that the people and stalls changed. There were so many MORE people than go to the market in the winter. They were everywhere and many more street performers than the winter months as well.  On top of that the number of stalls that had other products beside food doubled or tripled in 3 weeks time.  Now this is normal for the summer at our market as the winter is a tiny subset of hardy farmers bringing mostly root crops but I what I noticed more than anything was the lack of produce available.

While percentage wise the produce stalls were about a 1/3 of the market I actually noticed that what they offered was less than in past weeks.  Only two places had beets, none with celery root, quite a few with potatoes and none with carrots! I could definitely see the shift in the season and this week in particular in the produce.  The winter root veggies were mostly gone but the spring greens weren’t quite in yet. There were a few places that had some greens but in general stands that used to take up two stalls were down to one.  Dont’ know if the is cost of renting stall /  summer rules or something but I suspect its also because how much they have to sell. 

It was really interesting to see the market in the light. The seasons are so obvious in the market and so non-existent in the grocery store. What a great illustration and I’m glad I saw it on my own!



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