Fingerling Potato and Jerusalem Artichoke Gratin

30 03 2009
JChoke Gratin in the ovenproof pan!

JChoke Gratin in the ovenproof pan!

Be careful! Pan is hot! Turns out that when you put a pan in the oven the handle gets hot and even if you put a pot holder on it your hand CAN slide off just a bit to get you. Oops! Some cold water and a band-aid later all is well but to the food now….

It was ok.  My goal was for a relatively easy dinner (mixing cut up potatoes and JChokes with some cheese in a pan is old hat) that was still on the more healthy than not side.  And honestly I got that….

The sous chef was in charge of the produce today at the market and she successfully acquire the potatoes, jchokes, and onion…but I forgot to tell her that we were going to have to slice them thin! So the color was great but the lack of a super sharp knife and fatty mcfatty potatoes and knobby jchokes wasn’t the best selection for the cookbook’s recipe.  So what do you do?  Make cubed augratin! Its ok its how my family does it anyway.  So in addition to using cubed starch instead of 1/8″ slices we also used soy milk and goat cheese cheddar cheese (thanks Trader Joe’s!) to help alleviate my dairy pain. 

In the end the dish was good but I’d deffinetly change some things next time. Being from the midwest there wasn’t near enough cheese in the recipe. Now that could be the product of one or two things:
a) I grew up with my food swimming in cheese
b) I didn’t really measure the potatoes and jchokes as the recipe suggested so I might have had more starch than the cheese was planned to go around.

However, due to my body hating dairy I choose not to add anymore cheese before it got cooked. I wanted to hold onto the hope that 2 cups of cheese amongst so much starch would be enough and be more gentle on my stomach.  It probably was better on my stomach but it wasn’t on my taste buds.  Next time its getting the midwest cheese treatment!

Secondly, I would stir more often. The recipe calls for you to leave it alone so it creates a lovely cheese crust on the top.  Which would probably be great if there was more cheese IN the gratin. Half of the cheese was melted on top and then immediately made into a exoskeleton for the dish (sous chef’s observation. Credit where credit is due).  So my thought at the time was that if I stirred it more it would all melt in and be better. I also could put some tinfoil on top of it while baking it. 

Overall though it was good.  I think with a few minor tweaks (and/or following the recipes suggestion for starch preperation) it would be really good! It will deffinently get a second shot at a 5! Don’t you worry.

Individual Serving!

Individual Serving!




4 responses

30 03 2009
Recipe man

mmmmm this looks great!

30 03 2009

Thanks! I’m glad you think so. Out of curiosity how did you stumble across my blog if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks!

31 03 2009
CN Heidelberg

Hey, I recognize that plate-that-looks-like-a-shirt-mom-used-to-have!

6 04 2009

OMG! Isn’t it an awesome plate? I saw it at good will and love it because of the shape. Not only is it oval but also a bit lopsided. I’m not sure how else to explain it but I really like them. Non-symetrical but well done. And bright. The bird of paradise flower on it is a bit much though but honestly I was a bit sad that the sous chef got to take them home. Of course I didn’t need dishes and get to use them so be it.

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