Chicken with Vegetables and Cilantro Rice

22 03 2009
Thai Chicken with Vegetables and Cilantro Rice

Thai Chicken with Vegetables and Cilantro Rice

Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. x 100.

This dish was AMAZING.  I love Thai food for the light sauces not the heavier curries that most people like.  The sous chef generally doesn’t like Thai (which is admittedly sad) but this one did her in. At least a little bit.

So the dish itself is pretty simple.  Red onion, garlic, and ginger root sautéed.  Strips of raw chicken are browned in it and then sugar snap peas cut lengthwise, coconut milk, soy sauce, and fish sauce are added.  Simmered for a few minutes till cooked and reduced and bam most of the dish is done! For that part I had a guest over whom was avoiding wheat in her diet so once quick substitution of tamari sauce for soy sauce and we were on our way.  Also, I used the standby crushed ginger in oil I keep in the fridge since I cook with it so rarely at the moment (instead of fresh). Admittedly, that little jar has no measuring equivalents so I guessed how much one linear inch of ginger was :) Who knows how I did past yummy!

The interesting thing about this recipe was that the rice was more than just cook rice and serve under the “dish” It actually called for cooked cold rice to mix in.  Of course not reading ahead I had just made the long grain brown rice in my room mates rice cooker so I had nice and hot rice.  I also didn’t have a second wok or a large enough frying pan to do the chicken in OR cook the rice mixture at he same time so I altered the plans. 

Rice cooker become frying pan: ACTIVATE! So I removed all the extra rice I had made and threw in the chopped red onions to it.  I turned back on the rice cooker to try and get the bottom of the pan hot and sauté the onions a bit.  I also used this funny cilantro in oil in a tube I keep in my refrigerator because it is another one of those spices I prefer fresh to but I don’t use all that much so I keep some in oil around.   I was only supposed to add a tsp or so of fresh cilantro but I used almost 1/2 the tube of the cilantro and oil. It just didn’t seem like there was enough of it in the mix of the rice.  The last thing to go into the rice mixture was the baby bok choy which I used the rice cooker to slowly cook and steam them till just wilted and then pulled it out.  I served the sauce and chicken over the rice mixture with some Thai soy sauce over it for the sous chef and I.  The Thai soy sauce is sweeter and also has wheat so the guest avoided it. Although, technically mine is Pilipino soy sauce because my Asian grocery store said that was the closest they had to Thai. Sounds good to me!

All three of us ate seconds and then thirds.  The leftovers didn’t last long (2 days) so this one was definitely a winner!




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25 03 2009
CN Heidelberg

Unlike the lovely sous chef I’m a Thai food junkie so I really want to try this! Can you guys email me the full recipe? :)

25 03 2009

En route via the email wonders of the world! I’d love for you to let us know how it goes… a comment on this page would even be awesome. Some day guest posts/reviews of some sort would be fun! :)

25 03 2009
CN Heidelberg

Yay, thanks!! It will be a couple days before we try them…we’re burning our way through a bunch of leftovers at the moment!

31 03 2009
CN Heidelberg

We made this last night!! It was great!
It was so pretty with the red onions and the peas and bok choy! I actually eliminated the cilantro because I think it tastes like soap. It was still awesome anyway. The flavors were great and right in line with all the Thai food we cook at home, so maybe sous chef can move into some other Thai dishes from here? :)
We actually thought the chicken could just go with plain white rice, and the rice recipe could also become its own meal with some chicken and maybe an egg thrown in!

9 04 2009

Hmmm soap? You’re the second person who used that exact description of cilantro and I’ve NEVER had that feeling about it. Maybe its because my sample size of soap tasting is higher than the average folk. My mom used to wash my mouth out with it as a child when I would lie. Which I did often? And then there were time when she couldn’t tell so she would do it anyway… the point is maybe I’ve actually eaten more soap than most folks and so I know cilantro doesn’t really taste like soap…. or maybe I just haven’t tried cilantro flavored soap yet…. ANYWAY….

Glad to hear it turned out so well and I’m hoping we can get the sous chef to move into a few more. I made that other pork and noodle bowl this week which while not technically Thai had lots of the same elements in it and she liked that well enough to ask for the leftovers tonight for lunch tomorrow (Which I had already eaten!) Throwing in an egg isn’t a bad idea either… interesting…..

9 04 2009

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