“Almost” Irish Stew

20 03 2009
"Almost" Irish Stew

"Almost" Irish Stew

“Almost” Well originally it was “almost” because it was vegetarian and had beans instead of meat! Well we negated that with some meat as the picture so clearly shows so how is it still “almost”.  It centers around the word stew.

Not so much. More like soup.  This was a lovely crock pot recipe which I love but I did alter some things.  For starters I added 1.5 lbs of meat which takes up more room than 1 cup of beans.  Also, my numbers on potatoes were a big larger than it called for and the carrots weren’t exactly measured.  When the crock pot was filled up the liquid didn’t cover all the chunks which just isn’t good for a stew.  So I added an extra 2 cups of water or so.  So a more liquid product at the end of the cooking time wasn’t surprising.  I tried then to thicken it with both corn starch and flour and it thickened a bit but not a significant amount even with moving it to the stove during the process.  We were hungry so I left it one the stove and dug into it. 

Overall it is ok.  I forgot/chose not to cut the stew meat into smaller pieces so they were quite large to begin with and I also did not trim enough of the fat off of them for my tastes.  I had hoped it would fall off during cooking but that didn’t happen. Wishful thinking I guess.  So between being thin like soup and the meat being large and a bit fatty I couldn’t get behind this one very much.  Or rather my expectations were way higher than what came out.  Overall not bad just not amazing. I’ll have to try again.

I think the sous chef liked it more than I did so I waver between a 2 and 3 on the scale.




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