Creamed Corn, Way Better Than the Storebought Kind

16 03 2009
Homemade Creamed Corn

Homemade Creamed Corn

Creamed corn. WOW.  I’ve exactly one experience with creamed corn directly before I made this and I would have described it as “mostly blended corn”  it seemed to be corn that was blended and then some whole or mostly kernels were thrown in.  Well this ain’t no pureed corn product! This is corn and CREAM!

The sous chef was having a bad day so I made a surprise plan (ironically it was the plan before I knew about the bad day but I used it well).  The sous chef LOVES corn.  One word of corn and it is love at first hearing. Well this recipe came from the local Roller Derby league’s cookbook.  It was actually pretty simple: melt butter, add water, sugar, and 8 ox Neufchatel cheese melt and pour over a 32 oz bag of heated corn. Mix and server.  Naturally without dairy I substituted Toffutti’s Better Than Cream Cheese and didn’t know if it was going to melt but it acted just like cream cheese and rocked the house. 

This one doesn’t need ANY alterations and is AWESOME.  The sous chef approved too!



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25 03 2009
CN Heidelberg

I asked sous chef to send me this one too! CORNNNN

25 03 2009

Do they even have CORN in germany? I hope so…. Also MAILED! E that is.

29 03 2009
CN Heidelberg


We made this tonight and had it as a side with BBQ pork sandwiches (courtesy of all the people who sent us Cookie’s Bar*B*Q sauce at Christmas)!

So, alas, we couldn’t find any frozen corn at our grocery store. Everything was some kind of veggie mix. BOO!, because I don’t really like canned vegetables. But we got canned corn anyway, 2 cans (approx. the same size as US cans I think). Also, we couldn’t find any Neufchatel cheese, so we used Frischkaese instead, which is really similar to cream cheese but less thick/rich.

YUMMMMMM!!! It was really good despite using canned corn. The only thing is there was maybe more liquid than necessary but that might be because I didn’t actually measure the butter. (Oh yeah, I used butter instead of margarine.) Anyway we will definitely make it again too!!

Later this week, we try the Thai chicken thing.

29 03 2009

Mmmmmm BBQ Pork Sandwhiches! What a great combination! I’m glad it worked out for you although I’m sad for you about having to use canned corn. Mostly I like canned green beans but otherwise frozen veggies for me! (If not fresh of course!)

I also wonder if the to much liquid was related to using canned vs frozen corn. I feel like in general frozen veggies you can drain once they are cooked and that is all the water that is going to come off of them but with canned I feel like the water/liquid just keeps coming slowly………..

Either way glad it worked for you and I can’t wait to hear about the Thai chicken adventure! My friend who ate it with us that day is making it today too!!! :D

ps – stay tunned for the Borscht adventure this week!

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