Farmers Market Organic Beef, Tubers, and Rye Berry Soup

10 02 2009
Unflattering picture of tasty soup

Unflattering picture of tasty soup

This is a classic. A classic what you ask? I have no idea… its soup. And it was really good.  We ate it with some bread from our local bread fairy (a friend who brings day old bread from a local bakery for free!) and the broth was much richer than I expected it be but I expected it to be to weak so that was a pleasant surprise.  I ended up at the market this weekend sans a local cooking cookbook so I was on my own. 

Well it turns out there weren’t many new / crazy vegetables this week at the market that I had never seen (which is an unfortunate side effect of learning about them and trying them) so I had to come up with a different plan. I think the classic cool sorta wet Seattle day got me going but somehow making beef and barely soup got into my head. We can’t remember how.  But what cemeted the deal was finding rye berries at one of the stands.

I never had heard of such things but they said I could replace barely in soup with them, I like rye, and they were from the farmers market so I was in.  I bought a sandwich bag full of rye berries, a parsnip, a turnip, a leek, some dried cranberry beans, and was off to try and acquire some meat.  One of the nice things about this plan was that I already had a russet potato, 2 shallots, and some thumbelina carrots that all needed to be used.  They fit right into the dish (maybe that was the impetus for it) and got used up without going bad.

I tried buying a new experience of soup bones from a stand but they were out and out of stew meat. Shucks. But they said their stew meat was just chopped up chuck steak so for $1 more per pount I could just buy a steak.  The irony is that for $1 more per pound I had to do more work but en.  But because of this I ended up buying a whole pound of steak instead of a 1/2 lb intending to freeze half for later. Note the word intended.

So I got home from the market and started to soak the beans and the rye berries with the idea of making dinner on Monday while at work and well I just kept cooking.  I sauteed the shallots and leeks, browned the beef and transferred it all to the crock pot.  They I heated some water up in the pan and dissolved some Better Than Bouillon into the pan and poured it all into the crock pot.  Added cubed potato, turnip, and thumbelina carrots and covered it with water.  Dropped in the cup of Rye Berries, added some salt and pepper and let it go for about 8 hours.

The results were much better than the pictures give it credit for.  Oh about the whole inteneded to use 1/2 lb of beef. Well I put 1/2 lb in, cubed the rest, wrapped it up in butcher paper with each cube not touching the others, put it in the freezer for 40 minutes all before deciding I did want to add it to the soup.  So out it came, browned and in it went.  For much a good cause. The added beef really balanced out the meat to tuber ratio. 

So while the pictures aren’t much to look at this meal certainly had a nice story to it of adventure, discovery, and entertainment.  All for my stomach and tubers. Oh and the rye berries….really good.  A lot like barely in the sense of a grain in the soup and a bit on the crunchier side but very good.




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19 02 2009
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