Herb-Encrusted Roast Leg of Lamb with Garlic Roasted Baby Potatoes, Parsnips, and Thumbelina Carrots

3 02 2009

So this started as a “tubers” are every where market adventure last weekend.  The kohlrabi was new but most everything else seemed to be potatoes. For some reason my sou chef got hooked on the tiny Thumbelina Carrots and the idea of pot roast grew in her head so off we went and the ethereal plan for a dinner was born.

In addition to the core thumbelina carrots we used a mixture of small All Red, All Blue, and Viking Purple potatoes.  The folk at the stand suggested these as good roasting potatoes so we selected small ones that seemed roasting size.  We also ended up picking up  a parsnip to share with my roommate.

All of these ingredients with still no recipe / plan.  As all the roasts were expensive at the farmers market we stopped by our locally owned grocery store and found lamb roasts on sale for $4.99 / lb. After a bit of debating we decided to give the lamb roast a shot and off we went with a 3 lb lamb roast. Still no plan in hand….

A co-worker later I had this recipe in hand:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/herb-encrusted-roast-leg-of-lamb-with-garlic-roasted-baby-potatoes-recipe/index.html Lets review….

Roast 30 Minutes in With Raw Veggies

Roast 30 Minutes in With Raw Veggies

Lamb Roast with Roots Done!

Lamb Roast with Roots Done!

Lamb Roast and Roasted Roots are Served

Lamb Roast and Roasted Roots are Served

So now that we have pictures how about some words. Tasty! Lets start with the meat.  The lamb ended up marinating for about 36 hours which was longer than the 8 hrs I planned for it.  Ironically, making bagels got in the way.  Anyway, the lamb was very tender and very flavorful.  The only downside was that the boneless leg of lamb was very full of fat (which if you have ever met me does not go well with me) the best pieces were very easy to cut around but there are a few I’m not sure I can salvage too much of.  So the review of the lamb is two thumbs up on the recipe and the execution… one thumb down on my choice of cuts.

The vegetables were also very good.  I removed the meat and let the veggies go for a few more minutes just sitting in the lamb drippings.  So I apologize to everything this post is really forced for some reason.  Lets find my voice. So the vegetables were really good.  Actually probably better than the lamb. I ended up added basil to the veggies too because I had some left over I had to use but the olive oil and herbs on the soft potatoes and round carrots (which liked to fly off the plate if the fork stab was not executed in near perfect timing) was super delicious. I would even recommend them probably just by themselves and sans the lamb.  Just roast them good.  It was nice to have the whole potatoes, and whole carrots more or less to roast.


I had left over store bought pie crust to use / eat so I grabbed a handful of frozen berries from the freezer, thawed them, drained lots of liquid, added some sugar, laced it up, brushed it with butter, and sprinkled with vanilla sugar… and this is what fell out of the oven:

Impromtu Tart!!!

Impromtu Tart!!!

Dude… normally my impromtu pastries end up “not right” not this one… this one was excellent and super tasty! The sweet / tartness was well balanced, pre-cooking the bottom kept it nice and crisp, and actually tasted planed.  So bonus round success.




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3 02 2009

OH SO DELISH. can’t wait to eat some more of those tubers. the herbs were so perfect! and flavorful! even if they were a pain the ass to chop.
sous chef

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