Organic Beef Sirloin Tips served with Pureed Ruttabegga, Turnips, and Sunchokes with Sorrel

26 01 2009
Organic Beef Sirloin Tips served with Pureed Ruttabeggas, Turnips, Sunchokes with Sorrel

Organic Beef Sirloin Tips served with Pureed Ruttabeggas, Turnips, Sunchokes with Sorrel

TUBERS!!!!! The farmers market is full of tubers right now. .. and meat.  I am almost a week late on making this as all the tubers and meat came from the farmers market LAST WEEKEND.  But that is ok.  Lets start with the amazing.

Ruttabeggas, Turnips, and Sunchokes with Sorrel!!! Holy crap was this good. It looks like mashed potatoes but there is no milk added, only the tubers and a bit of butter whipped with the mixer.  I’ve never had ruttabegga and/or turnips before and I tested them before we whipped them all togehter and they were amazing! The ruttabegga was pretty sweet almost more than the sunchokes which are a pretty sweet tuber.  The turnips were also really good which surprised me because my brain for some reason associated them heavily with radishes which is entirely incorrect. And let me tell you once whipped together they were really good.  The “recipe” which my sou chef followed fairly closely (basically it called for potatoes and we put sunchokes in instead) called for chives to just garnish the puree but instead I used fresh sorrel from the farmers market and not only garnished with it but also mixed approximately 2 tablespoons in with puree. Excellent choice!

Now onto the sirloin tips.  These I have to say were a bit disappointing for me; my fault of course.  I was excited because this was another “complete from the market minus staple ingredients” which are fun.  Not only do they taste good but I’ve enjoyed the last two weeks just going around the farmers market, seeing what they have, and figuring a whole meal out of it deal. The sirloin tip beef was the rounding out of deciding to buy ruttabeggas.  It made it a whole meal. 

The part where I went wrong was halving the recipe.  The recipe came from my mother and I LOVE her sirloin tips. Classically they were served over rice but with ruttabeggas in have I decided that could be altered.  Due to the cost of the meat ($11.99/lb) I got a cut that was about 0.86 lbs; plenty for two people with either few or no leftovers.  The recipe calls for 2 lbs of meat.  I halved the recipe and followed it fine but the problem was with a reduced amount of liquid is that it evaporates away faster and can leave nothing for the sauce and/or burning. So as it was cooking in a sauce pan (normally done in a skillet) I kept adding more of the ingredients into it to keep the sauce going.  At the begininig I had already doubled the garlic so that wasn’t an issue. 

My issue was with the beef consumee’.  I started adding the approrpriate porportions of the consumee’ and the cranberry juice but a few rounds in I just added the consumee’.  My brain was saying “more beef flavoring no big deal” but my taste buds kept reminding me that consumee’ has SALT in it and it doesn’t evaportate like water does… so the liquid might be gone but the salt all stays.  The end of the story is that the tips were a bit to salty for me. They were still good but next time, and there will be a next for certain, I have to remember to work on the proportation size. I’m still getting used to cooking for 1 or 2 rather than 6.

The salty sirloin tips are the reason it only got a 3 rating.  If I had executed the recipe correctly this meal would have been a 4 and maybe a 5; although more truthfully around a 4.5.




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