24 01 2009

Turns out I fried the on board video adaptor.  Right in front of me. 

After testing the RAM I finally put in a pci video adaptor, got rid of the beeps and got some picture happening.

What does that mean? The chenbro is out for two reasons:

1) the key is the 4 hot swappable SATA drives.  Right now the mobo only has 2 SATA ports the idea was to use the pci slot to expand.  Well that isn’t going to work.

2) The Chenbro only supports a pci card with a riser and NO external connections. So any vga card isn’t going to work in the Chenbro.

I’m a bit disappointed about it but in the end having a motherboard that still runs and maybe will take 30-50 dollars of work is better than having one that is completely right out dead. We shall see what happens. At this moment my install of Puppy linux isn’t booting up but probably due to the new video card being incompatible. I can work with that.




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