Part Ordered!

23 01 2009

I ordered a 500 GB Green Power Western Digital drive this week.  I’ve been eyeballing the Chenbro case again recently and the price hasn’t dropped yet.  But I realized that if I wait for the full monty I’ll never start because it is just kind of a crazy project. BUT …

I can start with the parts I have and work on piece at a time.  In a nutshell the steps as I see it are:

1) Get shares on a drive with Puppy Linux
— This essentially is what I have now. A single drive NAS.  If I can get that up and running (should take only a few minutes again) I’d be good. 

2) Add second drive and work on Acron and  rsync for backup replication on a daily basis. !!!

3) Power saving – Pt 1 – Spinning drives down not in use.

4) Power savings – Pt II – Put the whole machine to sleep when inactive.

So lets see what happens I’ll keep you posted.



1) WOL from router when some one tries to connect to it and it isn’t on/
2) WOL at daily intervals so it backs up daily at the latest.  Once an automatic shutdown procedure is in place and works.  Wake up, backup, shutdown. Nice.




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