Night 1 – HOSED!

23 01 2009

1) Reassembled the pieces from a past test and booted into the Samba config test run I did. 

Located all my personalized files: smb.conf (noting location),, and

copied them to a USB stick.  Moved all the .2fs files and rebooted Puppy; starting a clean

CONCERN: Samba said it started when I was there but I coudln’t get my XP machine to see it

and I know it worked before.  I did redo my router but I tried opening up my firewall to the

new IP range on the XP machine but no luck. I decided to start a rebuild from scratch so if

I have problems I will be troublshooting the production system. AND it is easy enough to go

back if I need to… just move a .2fs file and reboot!

2) Setup DHCP on the network connection.
3) Installed Samba 3.0.26 via the PET Manager and rebooted
4) Created a new save file (512 MB and no encryption)
5) I had to reset up the video settings again…strange
6) Tested Samba with my start script from the flash drive and then killed the smbd and nmbd

services–It started but the mounting of the sda1 failed.
7) Used the mount utility and it created the /mnt/sda1 directory for the drive to be mounted

to. Unmounted and tested the script again.
8) Success! Mounted fine. Killed the Samba processes again.
9) Renamed samba.conf to samba.conf.orig and copied my copy of smb.conf from the flash drive
10) Tested and the NAS box IS pingable! Step one in Samaba test.
11) Samba success.  From my XP box no problem with new Samba conf file!
12) Copied the structure of the old NAS by making folders on the HD via the share.
13) Edit smb.conf to include the 4 public folders -> Share settings and tested it with XP

14) Put into /etc/init.d folder rebooted.
And then it died. Left the USB key in which it tries to boot to. It was in a loop, went to

grub and hit ok … got stuck initializing the kernel and now nothing.  The mobo on boot

just makes a long beep noise and repeats it. 
a) Unplugged SATA connection – same
b) Unplugged SATA power – same
c) unplugged IDE power – same
d) Reseated RAM – Only one beep. No repetition.
e) plugged back in IDE power – same one beep now.
Tried plugging in the monitor directly no dice. Beep codes aren’t helpful.

Removing RAM makes no beeps.  Don’t know what that means.

At this point it is most likely 1) RAM broken, 2) Bad Video on board (HOSED!), or 3) Bad Mobo (HOSED!). Nothing else I can test tonight. I’ll borrow some RAM from work tommorow and try it then.




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