23 01 2009

I finally did it! I flashed my Buffalo WHR-G54S with dd-wrt.  Albeit v. 23 SP2 and NOT the newest v. 24 SP 1. 

Instigation for this? FRICKIN’ network wierdness.  The last straw was the day I couldn’t access the router via it’s own IP address but I was able to access the NAS attached to it?! Sense any one? Before that the connection would drop. At one point I thought it was DHCP, DNS, and a few other things.  I tried a few middle of the road patches and it kept happening. 

I’d been eyeing dd-wrt for a while and I had a clean floor, annoyed at the internet, a night where my roommate wasn’t home to bother, mind space, and some energy so I did it.  I used a cmd script to do the intial tftp flash which took but wasn’t functional and I figured out why. Reflashed it with a good v. 24 ROM and it worked but I coudln’t get the WLAN to work (kinda important).  So after some forum reading I downgraded to v. 23 SP 2 which took fine and worked (even the wireless) but the password to login and make changes didn’t work. So I had to hard reset it and work from there.  Eventually I got it all working and now it is running for 2 days now. 

Why is this so important? Well hopefully by stabalizing my router I will be able to tell if it is my NAS having issues or not AND I will have constant access to the NAS for my MP3s, Password safe program, and a my cookbook.  All things I’m working on and not often enough because of wierdness.  So this should be interesting and hopefully really good.

So far I’m impressed with dd-wrt at least in the feature set. I never imaged my home router would be able to do VLANS per port! Now I have no reason to do it yet and haven’t tested the functionality but we shall see.




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