Parsnip Galette with Greens

18 01 2009
Parsnip Galetto with Greens

Parsnip Galetto with Greens

The first! This is the first recipe that is 99% from the farmers market! The staples of salt, flour, and eggs were not from the market but the parsnips, sage, kale, and even the walnuts were from the market! I was totally stoked considering it was mid winter and the market is not as diverse as it is sometimes.  So the review….

I burnt it.  That is a strike against execution not against the recipe.  I also substituted kale for cooking greens (defined as tatsoi, red mustard, green mustard, etc.) because that is what I found at the market and I doubted my looking grocery store would have cooking greens anyway… and I wanted to stay Farmers Market all the way!

With those admissions out of the way onto the review…. I think I liked it.  I served it with left over broccoli and the stuffed chicken from last week so I really only ate a few bites of the Galette. It was different and at first I wasn’t sure if I like it.  Does everyone know what Galette is? No, neither did I.  The best way for me to describe THIS Galette is a big parsnip hash brown patty with greens, walnuts, and sage in it (as the picture looks like).  I had to grate the parsnips to hash brown them.  Once all the stuff is mixed together you pat it into a big patty in the pan and fry it on both sides. This is where the burning came in this round.  So overall it went well and my partner really liked it.  I think left overs round 1 will tell more since I didn’t eat to much this time but seemed to like it.  Next time the goal is not to burn it and there will definitely be a next time. 

In other news I picked the craziest parsnips from the market… and when I realized I had to grate them I wished I hadn’t.  The farmer also told me they were the ones she cussed at when she was digging them out so there was some bad mojo in them and to apologize to them before I cooked them… perhaps that is why they burnt.

Crazy Parsnips with Bad Mojo?

Crazy Parsnips with Bad Mojo?


LEFTOVER UPDATE: My sou chef’s leftovers went fiarly quickly but I still have mine.  That means my first experience wasn’t that amazing that I wanted to keep eating them. We will see what happens after I do eat them.  I feel like they need some sort of dipping sauce for them but I have no idea what kind.




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