Garlic-and-Herb-Stuffed Chicken Breasts served with Steamed Broccoli With Lime Dressing

9 01 2009
Stuffed Chicken and Brocolli with Lime Dressing

Stuffed Chicken and Broccoli with Lime Dressing


Yummy!!!! So today’s dinner consisted of: Garlic and Herb Stuffed Chicken served with a side of Steamed Broccoli With Lime Dressing. Mixing my photo skills and cooking skills the photo above is really my dinner plate about 2 minutes before it was devoured. 

So what are the results besides pretty? The broccoli was very good with the lime dressing. Although I deviated a bit in proportions because I squeezed more like 1.35 Tablespoons of it fresh lime juice and when you only need 1 Tb. that is like a 35% increase! So I think I would either add more sesame oil or reduce the lime juice a bit. In the end it was just a bit to much lime on the broccoli but it was a really nice change from my standard butter garlic sauteed vegetable. 

Onto the chicken! The chicken looked fabulous! It also tasted fabulous.  I, being allergic to dairy, couldn’t use the prescribed cheese spread for the stuffing so I changed it up to a ricotta-esq soy replacement I make with firm tofu, soy herb creme cheese, and herbs. In this case I used garlic, rosemary, thyme, and sage thanks to the poultry herb pack in my grocery store.  So besides adding time to make the mixture rather than slather out of a jar it certainly held its own.  The other challenges I had with this chicken recipe were:

  1. This was my first time beat out chicken to be thinner and I’m certain I could have done it thinner.  Even though I used my awesome solid wood, giant, and heavy rolling pin to do the beating to the point of actually beating at least a small piece of one breast right off!
  2. Pan frying the chicken I didn’t have enough hands / technique to get enough oil in the pan to keep it from blackening.  Without a picture to go from I didn’t know what the recipe intended but I do know that I personally do NOT like charcoal on my food.  The lack of oil also let some of the pieces that fell off burn and I was concerned a bit about the burn taste transferring into the food via the bit of oil that was there.
  3. Because my chicken was thicker than 1/4 inch I had to cook it a bit longer, say 30 minutes instead of 20. No biggie.

Overall the chicken was great. The filling combination with the chicken was stellar but since it was thicker a few parts of it were a bit “plain chicken.” Nice and moist breast but nothing really on it.  I think either I need to beat it thinner next time or prepare a melted butter sauce withe the same sauteed herbs from the filling and drizzle that over it.  Add a bit to the presentation as well as the taste of the chicken.



3 responses

9 01 2009

this is the best. yes yes yes!

9 01 2009

Can’t keep a “secret” from you. What made you look?

10 01 2009

what do you mean? what made me look to see if you posted about last night’s food? because you took all those pictures and i asked you or mentioned something about putting them on your blog. what made me look for this blog in the first place? i knew it was here from back when you started it! i have it bookmarked!

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