Vegetable Basil Soup and Corn Bread

29 12 2008
Vegetable Basil Soup

Vegetable Basil Soup

Corn Bread

Corn Bread


The soup was a pleasant suprise. It was from the zoo cook book and seemed very simple but in the end was very hearty. I was looking for a hearty soup that was vegetable based and not a broth based soup.  I expected this one to be  brothy at some point but I realized it was in a tomato base which was pretty darn good if not a  bit like spaghetti sauce. The real suprise was how the cauliflower broke down into tiny chunks and thicked the soup up itself. I had already added 1/2 c barley and 1 1/2 more cups water to try and thicken it up but by the left over days it was almost as thick as my split pea soup which can be used as mortar!  

Soup Score: Do it again!

The corn bread came from the Wooden Spoon Bread book whch has never let me down with a recipe.  It continues to amaze me on the quality for all the breads that come out of it. It was quick, easy, and the right texture.

Corn Bread Score: HELL YEAH




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