Coat Rack

28 09 2008

So my apt is tiny.  Not really small but not really big either and one thing I notice is that in the winter especially coats rule the roost.  We have two chairs that are at our kitchen counter/table/prep surface.  We use these chairs more as coat racks and shelves than chairs. Partly because we  don’t have any where to hang our coats and partly because the surface is always cluttered as it is the only 6 sq feet of surface in our entire apartment essentially for both kitchen duties, eating duties, and mail sorting duties.   At all! So I’ve decided I now see a use for a stang alone coat rack.  Never before have I witnessed such a need. 

So I’ve been looking for one at goodwill and thirft shops around town as I don’t really want to buy one new.  For some reason it seems like finding old ones should be easy. For the past year at least I haven’t seen one, now keep in mind I haven’t been looking all that hard… but I have looked. So anyway… I’ve decided to make one instead… as I have to go to breakfast soon I will make this on the short end…


  1. A base & stem to an old lamp – $0
  2. An old pool cue -$0.50 @ Goodwill (1/2 Red Tag sale day!)
  3. 4 random kitchen mixer attachments – $2.76 (4 @ $0.69 but I did buy 3 I didn’t use… that I will donate back)
  4. Old 10 lb. weight – $1.50 @ Goodwill (Another Red Tag 1/2 Special this wekend)

Lamp Base/Stem

The Rest of the Stuff (Measuring Tape = 1 ft)

 Mixer Attachments Close Ups


Lets see if the execution works out … at all. 


Finished Coat Rack (Still drying technically)

Close Up

So now we wait until it dries and test it out… I think the biggest thing with this is that it is going to be better if the coats are balanced out on either side. Also there is a whole I drilled the wrong way that I want to fill with a small wood rod to hold light things like … my long sleve shirts as well as make it stronger by filling the whole I put there. We shall see … I will report back soon.



  1. Add an old dumbell weight to the base of the lamp for more stability – DONE
  2. If the lamp stemp gives (which is likely cause it was kinda broken) Use another old pool cue as the stem lashed togehter with the top one….



One response

29 09 2008

I told my coworkers, who totally wanted to see pictures, so we came here! One hit! I also am linking it in my real-lj, so that’ll be more hits!! Yay for project blogs and assorted geekery! J says “He could totally sell those on Etsy.”

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