Addidtional Software List

11 09 2008

These are a list of software packages I’ve compiled on Puppy Linux and got to work so far:

  • Anacron – Used for scheduling tasks on a number of days schedule not on a daily at time X schedule like cron – (although at this time I don’t know what I was going to have this do? I know there was a reason for it….perhaps virus scanning or backups of some sort. EDIT – I know it was to run rsync between the two disks!!!!)
  • sdparam – Utility to spindown SATA disks
  • x_idle_monitor – Used to monitor if my session of X is idle or not
  • sg3_utils – Used to spindown harddisks by spindown (although now that I look at how it works I could actually just use sdparm as the command instead of sg3_utils)

I will go into details as to why and how when I have time (these are packages I did before this log was live so eventually I will get to the back details)



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